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masazas Therapeutic massages and treatments

Therapeutic massages and treatments


Therapeutic massages renew functioning of dysfunctional body parts, i.e. remove pain, muscle fatigue, tension, improve blood circulation and metabolism, help to get rid of cramps, and renew  joint mobility. Even a short-term massage renews organism, removes lactic acid from muscles, increase tone and tissue elasticty.

Therapeutic massages are recommended for people who have a sedentary work, for prophylaxis, or when a person feels muscle or joint stagnation, or suffers from spine and joint, cardiovascular, respiratory, digestation organ, central nervous system, peripheral nervous system, urological, or gynaecological diseases, as well as during a post-operative period and after injuries, etc. They are recommended when person feels aches or as a preventive remedy.

Specialist medical consultation 30 min. 13 €
Therapeutic pearl bath 20 min. 12 €
Therapeutic massage for lower back 15 min. 13 €
Therapeutic hand massage 15 min. 13 €
Therapeutic massage for neck and shoulders 15 min. 14 €
Individual kinesitherapy in the water 20 min. 17 €
Therapeutic underwater massage 20 min. 20 €
Therapeutic back massage 20 min. 19 €
Therapeutic turpentine bath 20 min. 18 €
Therapeutic massage for lower back and leg 30 min. 20 €
Kinesitherapy in the water for two 20 min. 22 €