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pagrindine-foto Machinery body treatments WELLSLIM

Machinery body treatments WELLSLIM


Lymph drainage massage „Light legs“  45 min. 20 €
Lymph drainage massage
half of the body
full body
45 min.
60 min.
21 €
29 €
Thermotherapy  45 min. 21 €
Ultrasound and electrolipolysis 70 min. 26 €
Ultrasound and miostimulation 50 min. 26 €
Thermotherapy, ultrasound and electrolipolysis  100 min. 42 €
Thermotherapy, ultrasound and miostimulation  100 min. 42 €
Lymph drainage massage and thermotherapy  90 min.
100 min.
41 €
48 €
Lymph drainage massage, ultrasound and electrolipolysis  100 min.
120 min.
37 €
44 €
Lymph drainage massage, ultrasound and miostimulation  100 min.
120 min.
42 €
50 €

Thermo-therapy is an effective treatment, with the help of which you are eager to change the structure of your body and to diminish weight. With the help of this treatment natural fat split takes place because of warming effect that leads to vein widening. As a result the supply of oxygen for skin is boosted, strained muscles become relaxed, body fat and cellulite are diminished, the skin becomes resilient and flat.

Lymph drainage massage - is the only way that activates the flow of lymph, stimulates the recession of liquids, toxins and fat accumulation from your body. It also improves the supply of oxygen for tissues and enhances the circulation of the blood of extremity that helps to quicken metabolism. During the massage the huge air pressure is used which mechanically pushes lymph from extremity by pressing them rhythmically. Lymph drainage massage is recommended for diminishing body weight, size and cellulite; having any kind of swelling („heavy-cold“ legs); prophylaxis of legs veins dilate (before and after operating period); or having flabby skin.

Multifunctional differentiated therapy. It is the most modern and most effective means to lose weight and cure skin damaged by cellulite. Mechanical vibrations of microcurrent work during the treatment that decompose fat cells of subcutaneous layer, restore the structure of connective tissue, return elasticity to the skin, embellish body lines and firm flabby muscles.

Ultrasound and electrolipolysis. During the treatment soft electricity impulses and ultrasound waves are used. These impulses and waves that get deeply into the tissues activate and decompose adipose tissue accumulation, i.e. „melts fat“.

Ultrasound and miostimulation. Restores elasticity and resiliency of the skin, muscle tones, diminishes the signs of cellulite and adipose tissue accumulation