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Hammam treatments embody the entire ritual of soul and body cleaning. Hammam (Turkish bath) is a humid, marbled room where on a heated marbled table the treatments of body scrub and nourishment are provided. When body is surrounded by steam, it is treated well by soapy and honey massages or tonic and relaxing massages.

Steam out your tiredness..


Amber full body scrub 30 min. 19 €
Anti-cellulite honey massage  for legs, buttocks and rest in  bath  45 min. 30 €
Anti-cellulite amber massage and rest in steam bath  50 min.
45 min.
40 €
Ionizing amber and honey massage for back  30 min. 30 €
Honey back massage  45 min. 30 €
Soap massage “Embrace of  Soap Lather”  60 min. 35 €
Arabic massage of soap lather  90 min. 45 €
Chocolate massage steam bath, 40 min of relaxing full body massage with chocolate, acupressure for face 90 min. 50 €
Full body massage with honey  90 min.  59 €
Antioxidant cranberry treatment body scrub, steam bath, 40 min of relaxing full body massage 90 min. 60 €
Ritual “A thousand and one nights” steam bath, body scrub with „Kese“ bast wisp, Arabic massage of soap lather and 40 min of relaxing full body massage 120 min. 75 €
Ritual “The Power of Ocean” steam bath, mineral salts crystales body scrub, full body massage with Bora Bora sand, back and stomach wrapping with seaweeds 120 min. 85 €
Beauty and refreshment SPA programme for women Ionizing amber and honey massage for back, amber facial massage, SPA manicure, SPA hair treatment 225 min. 98 €