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grozio-veido Facial treatments with THALGO cosmetics

Facial treatments with THALGO cosmetics

Collagen eye treatment and facial massage  55 min. 30 €
Hyaluronic eye treatment and facial massage  55 min. 35 €
Oxygen facial treatment  60 min. 55 €
Facial treatment „Heart of the Ocean“
For dehydrated skin
For dry and sensitive skin
For normal skin
75 min. 65 €
Collagen facial treatment  60 min.  65 €
„M-Ceutic Mesolift Marin“  facial treatment 75 min. 80 €

Collagen treatment. Collagen is the main protein of the skin. It represents about 70% of connective tissue. Due to collagen the processes in the skin are stimulated, it fights against untimely aging, it also strongly moisturises. This is a preventive measure from first mime wrinkles. The treatment is recommended for women over 25 years old.

Oxygen treatment. It is designed for tired, pale and grey skin. It refreshes the skin, improves cell breathing, skin elasticity, activates cell functions, the skin gets more oxygen. Such process evens lines and wrinkles, eliminates the effects of stress.