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ooo Facial treatments with DR. GRANDELʼS (Germany) cosmetics

Facial treatments with acid

Service Duration Price
Acid peeling facial treatment
(according to skin type)
45 min.  50 
Acid peeling  facial treatment with massage (according to skin type) 75 min. 65 

With acid peeling are doing anti-aging treatment, hyperpigmentation treatment, acne treatment, radiance boost treatment, complete restoration treatment and others treatments according to skin type.   

Anti-aging treatment - active and effective skin resurfacing solutions for the treatment of typical signs of ageing like photo-ageing, pigment changes, dull sallow appearance, superficial and medium expression lines.

Hyperpigmentation treatment - is a powerful hyperpigmentation treatment designed to reduce the accumulation of epidermally located melanin. It effectively inhibits the enzymatic activity of tyrosinase, whilst stimulating epidermal differentiation and therefore accelerates epidermal cellular turnover causing the removal of already formed melanin pigment. Due to the innovative highly effective mode of action, significant visible results are obtained with minimal risk.

Radiance boost treatment - Maximum Vitamin C concentration levels are achieved in a highly absorbable medium. An advanced system which addresses early signs of cutaneous damage. L-ascorbic acid helps to strengthen the skin’s collagen and elastin network. The treatment is suited to use on photo-aged and pigmented skin and can help improve uneven pigmentation when performed regularly.