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ooo Facial treatments with DR. GRANDELʼS (Germany) cosmetics

Facial treatments with DR. GRANDELʼS (Germany) cosmetics

Dr. Grandel is a successful German manufacturer of cosmetic brands, which respond to customer needs efficiently and guarantee uniqueness of each product. In the manufacturing process of exclusive facial care products, only natural raw materials and active ingredients are selected, which then undergo sophisticated production stages when they are perfected in order to obtain unique cosmetics qualities. The result is a top-quality cosmetic line that is valued all over the world. All Dr. Grandel cosmetics are produced in line with good manufacturing practice and in accordance to strict hygienic and quality control standards.

A wide range of Dr.Grandel cosmetics gives an opportunity to select cosmetics for all skin types considering customer’s wishes, problems and expectations.

Service Duration Price
Acid peeling facial treatment (according to skin type) (skin cleaning+ toning + acid peeling + moisturizing mask + ampoule + massage + cream) 50 min.  50 
Acid peeling  facial treatment with massage (according to skin type) (skin cleaning+ toning + acid peeling with fermented scrub + massage + moisturizing mask + ampoule + cream)  

75 min.



Skin immunity restoring facial treatment 75 min.
55 €
Rejuvenating firming facial treatment with Epigran (skin cleaning+ toning + peeling + massage + active concentrate + mask+ cream)


75 min. 90 min. 61
Regenerating and nourishing facial treatment  (40+) (skin cleaning+ toning + peeling + massage + active concentrate + mask+ cream) 75 min.
90 min.
Facial treatment for sensitive and couperose skin 75 min. 69 
BEAUTYGEN  facial treatment (skin cleaning+ toning + peeling + active concentrate + massage + mask+ cream) 90 min. 79
Luxurious triple action facial treatment 3D (35+)(skin cleaning+ toning + peeling + active concentrate + massage + mask+ hyaluronic concentrate + cream) 75 min.  89 

Acid peeling facial treatment (according to skin type). Ampoule, which is selected out of 19 kinds with regard to skin type, ensures the effectiveness of the treatment and meets individual needs of the customer. During the procedure you get a deep skin peeling that suits your face skin type. Thanks to a combination of acids (malic, citric, lactic, glycolic and tartaric) fast and long-lasting results are achieved. During the procedure the skin texture and tone are improved, wrinkles and scars are reduced, the pores are cleaned. This is a great preventive measure against pigmentation. During acupressure the dirt is removed, after which the skin becomes clean and fresh.

Rejuvenating firming facial treatment with Epigran. Face skin is naturally firmed and rejuvenated by the power of nature. Active and effective ingredients (Epigran, kaolin, vitamin E, bioflavonoids) fight with skin ageing and provide a long-lasting result including reducing wrinkles and face skin natural youthful glow. Natural product made out of wheat germ and argan tree is an effective essence, which ensures skin firmness, moisturizes and nourishes it and stimulates cell regeneration.

Regenerating anti-wrinkle/nourishing facial treatment Nutri Sensation (40+). This is a procedure of rejuvenating formula which satisfies even the most demanding needs of the skin. Facial skin from 40s usually requires a little more effort and you should take full care of it, ensuring that it receives full combination of nutrients both inside and outside the organism. Due to combination of red algae, raspberry seed oil, plant amino acids, peptids and other substances which is the result of long-lasting experience and research, Nutri Sensation regenerates, nourishes and forms/lifts up the skin, removing wrinkles at the same time. The skin after procedure has fresh looks and youthful and charming glow. The result can be sustained by using cosmetics products at home.

Beautygen facial treatment. The secrets of beauty gene and youthful skin are revealed: peptides and extracts with snow algae activate beauty skin gene, protect collagen fibers and support better skin elasticity and firmness. The procedure consists of skin preparation, peeling, skin firming and rejuvenating concentrate, delicate facial massage. Soft as cocoon mask and creams that activate beauty gene give freshness, firmness and softness to our skin. It is recommended for women who wish to maintain a youthful, firm skin.

Luxurious triple action facial treatment Skin Performance 3D (35+). Starting at the age of 35, the amount of hyaluronic acid in the skin falls down. The result is a loss of resilience and appearance of fine lines. In addition, recurrent facial mannerisms and stress affect the skin. The latest multidimensional technologies of Skin performance 3D cause triple effect to fight with these processes. A combination of hyaluronic and other substances help to firm the skin, emphasize the contour of the face moisturising intensively. A fine line is immediately affected and the treatment leaves a long time effect as well as gives the feeling of pleasant sensation. The skin regains a youthful appearance and radiance.