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lll Facial cosmetic treatments

Facial cosmetic treatments

Service Duration Price
Face scrub 8 €
Facial mask 30 min. 18 
Facial massage 30 min. 23 
Facial massage and facial mask  40 min. 35 €
Ionizing amber massage for face  30 min.
19 €
Fitness facial massage  60 min. 26
Oval face and neckline area shaping mioplastic massage  50 min. 36 
Oval face and neckline area shaping mioplastic massage 60 min. 47 
Facial massage "Nefertitis face"  60 min. 38 
Facial skin cleaning 60 min.
90 min.
IQ facial chiromassage  60 min. 42 €
Facial rejuvenation treatment with amber  50 min.  38 €

Fitness facial massage. Massage technique that forms face is an alternative to face surgery. A specialist uses specific methods to fight the wrinkles and as a preventive measure. It is like facial muscle gymnastics that tones facial muscles, oxygen supply is improved, and this result reducing mimic wrinkles. Facial lifting is obtained due to special massage technique and a mix of movements of facial muscle acupressure miostimulation. Facial muscles are affected in three levels:  acupressure miostimulation, local muscle miostimulation and creation of facial oval. The method includes facial lymphatic drainage massage. We recommend 10 treatment course. We do not recommend this method for women who use botox treatment.

Facial massage "Nefertitis face". It is a massage which effectively fights with obvious skin aging – atrophic facial décolleté skin. Elena Zemskova’s (massage author) technique allows to achieve visible result in a short period of time. Massage begins with a detailed assessment of conditions which helps to apply massage individually to your facial and décolleté area. It is an exclusive massage performed on dry skin in such a way intensively activating lymphatic system, stimulating muscle work and fighting against aging process. The result is visible after the first session, however, a long-lasting result is achieved after course of procedures. This is a treatment that replaces plastic surgery. Course: 8-10 procedures 1 or 2 a week. The course has to be repeated after half a year or after a year. The course of procedures + several short exercises at home = perfect result! 

Benefits of face massages:

  • removes traces of age in face;
  • the change is visible after the first treatment;
  • improves the tone of facial and neck muscles;
  • a perfect preventive measure from early wrinkle formation;
  • correction and strengthening of face oval, elimination of double dewlap, improvement of external skin condition and skin colour;
  • improves renewal processes, activates blood circulation, lymphatic system and micro-circulation.