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new Body line correction, modelling and cellulite treatments

Body line correction, modelling and cellulite treatments

Anti-cellulite massage for legs and buttocks  30 min.
60 min.
25 €
45 €
Anti-cellulite honey massage for legs and buttocks and bath  45 min.  30 €
Anti-cellulite massage with amber and steam bath  50 min.  30 €
Ionizing amber and honey massage for back  30 min. 30 €
Shaping lipolytic abdominal and lumbar zone massage and mud mask  50 min. 35 €
„Perfect Sculpt“ massage  40 min. 40 €
Shaping anti-cellulite massage  60 min. 45 € 
Modelling massage „Slim&Sculpt”  60 min. 45 € 
„Perfect Sculpt“ massage wand body wrap  60 min. 59 €
Shaping lipolytic full body massage  60 min.  60 €
Lipolytic full body massage and mud mask  90 min. 70 €

Anti-cellulite massage helps to remove signs of cellulite in the problematic body parts. Massage is characterized by deep massage movements that help to divide subcutaneous fat, muscle tones, regenerates skin elasticity and resilience, and flatters body lines.

Perfect sculpt massage is active, stimulating and detoxifying deep massage for body shaping, reducing cellulite and skin firming. During the massage active concentrate from cellulite, concentrate from fat deposit and body shaping gel are massaged into the skin.

Modelling massage Slim & Sculpt. The massage effectively accelerates the processes of slimming and firming. The massage is performed when a client has tense muscles. The body parts that are damaged by cellulite, legs, inner thighs, bottoms, belly, arms, and breasts are massaged. During the treatment a firming cream is applied.

Shaping lipolytic massage. It is applied for the treatment of various degrees of cellulite and for the reduction of belly, waist, and buttocks size.  This massage stimulates processes of lipolysis (decomposition of fat), shapes the deep muscles of body, detoxifies and forms youthful contours. The deep movements of lipolytic massage stop the formation of cellulite and skin roughness.